About Us

About Us

Flying is a wonderful experience for most who pursue it; however, it can be limited by those who lack the required confidence, experience and knowledge to be effective and efficient as general aviation pilots; this is why My Flight Tutor exists. There are numerous courses to choose from such as flight reviews, night proficiency flights, proficiency flights into IMC conditions and much more. See our courses page for more information and to select the best option for you.

If you are dreaming about becoming a pilot whether you want to fly for fun or professionally, My Flight Tutor can make your dream become a reality; register now for a 1 hour introductory flight. During this introductory flight you will fly with a professional flight instructor and experience what it’s like to actually fly an airplane and learn how comfortable you are flying with the instructor. Sign up today for your 1 hour introductory flight towards becoming a pilot.

Do you want to become a pilot! we can get you trained and licensed. See our courses page for more information and to select the best option for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • You want to improve your confidence.
  • You want to improve your airmanship.
  • You want to become a pilot.
  • You want quality flight training.
  • You haven’t flown in a while.
  • You want to develop good aeronautical decision making.
  • You need experience flying at night.
  • You need experience flying in IMC conditions.
  • You are failing out of the flight school.
  • You need a flight review.
  • You need to practice your crosswind landings.
  • You are an independent flight instructor.