Yes accommodations can be made for you to use the same flight tutor.
The FAA practical test standards (PTS).
No. We are located nationwide! Simply give us a call and we will coordinate you with a qualified flight instructor in your area.
Yes. We strive to accommodate all requests however, we ask that you be flexible as flight instructors may not be available at the requested date and time.
MY FLIGHT TUTOR charges $60 per hour for both flight and ground sessions.
Please note that 30 minutes to 1 hour of pre and post flight briefings are included in each flight session. If you would like to fly 2 full hours it would be best to purchase a 2 hour flight block in addition to a 1 hour ground session or a 3 hour flight session.
A valid debit, credit card online; cash or money order in person
Yes, please call to verify aircraft availability before registering for a flight session.
Yes. We ask that you be within a reasonable distance from the assigned flight tutor.
If you are willing to work hard you will pass.